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DesignTinkers recognize the child's unique ways of seeing the world. We want them to be inquisitive of what works and what does not in their environment and to instill critical thinking at an early age. By exposing children to design concepts, principles and aesthetics, we introduce the design process as a methodology to problem solve and encourage our young ones to be creative in finding solutions.

Workshop Programmes

DesignTinkers provide fun and nurturing camps and workshops across various disciplines in Art, Design & Architecture. Our programmes are designed to pique curiosity, prompt inquiries, challenge norms and to test ideas to get to unique outcomes through a design process.

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Who We Are

An educator, an architect, a data analyst, experimental parents with varied interests in art, culture, language and design. We value diversity, innovation, preservation and sustainability.

Tessa Ng

Tessa received her BA in Architecture degree from RMIT University and is a registered Architect (ARBV) with professional practice experience across Australia and Singapore. In 2010, Tessa embarked on her Architectural teaching journey and have since developed a passion and keen interest to work with teens and children. 


Tessa is a mother of a 10-year-old girl and during her daughter’s early formative years of learning, Tessa was actively exploring fun, creative and alternative methods to teach, share and engage her; focussing largely on hands-on creative problem-solving activities in art, design and technology. Tessa and her family have relocated back to Singapore in 2020 after living in London, UK. Tessa has collaborated with London based Creative Learning Experience and developed a Design + Architecture after-school club program. She also co-designed a public event for Open House Families organised by Open City London, UK. 


Extending her knowledge and experience, Tessa founded DesignTinkers to provide a fun and nurturing space for the young; to promote creativity and critical thinking through exploring design ideas and solutions via hands-on making and creating.

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Esther Wang

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Esther started out in the corporate world as a market and consumer insight analyst for most part of her career and she had a short stint with the National Arts Council. Esther started a family and has a young child in elementary school, and she has since been actively engaged in activities that involve children’s development. In her free time, she picked up a foreign language and speaks it fluently.


Esther values very much the benefits of art education for children and aspires to provide an avenue for children to express their creativity in thinking, imagining and exploring.  She believes that a child’s eagerness to design, make art and showcase their creations reinforces a child’s sense of achievement at an early age which builds great self-esteem in kids to take pride in their work.


Esther constantly scours for fun programs to help grow a child’s artistic confidence and upholds DesignTinkers' aim to unlock each child’s innate creativity through exploratory play.

Hui Hui Ngu

Hui Hui Ngu hails from RMIT University with a degree in BA Architecture and she holds 15 years of professional practice experience spanning across Singapore and Australia. Apart from Hui Hui’s architectural expertise, she loves and enjoys teaching and interacting with children and teens at her church’s weekly Sunday school.


Hui Hui is passionate about design, arts and crafts since young where she has participated in numerous arts events. She continues to immerse herself in creating arts and finds joy in teaching, exploring and experimenting with various art medium with children.


Hui Hui is excited to be part of DesignTinkers’ vision, sharing her knowledge to the next generation, to empower creative thinkers and nurture design confidence in children through the hands-on process of making and creating.

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Partnerships + Collaborations

Schools Partnerships

At DesignTinkers, we create engaging programmes that make learning fun for children from all backgrounds. Our goal is to help develop the next generation of creative thinkers who can solve problems with innovative solutions. We can curate co-curricular programmes, enrichment courses and holiday programmes for your students. Let us know what you need and we will work together to create a programme tailored just for your school.

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Workshop Collaborations

DesignTinkers are always open to collaborations to connect different fields of knowledge and to test new ideas. We believe in development of new ideas and innovations through synergetic collaborations, leveraging on every creative mindsets, interests and expertise combined. Let’s kickstart to seed an idea together by connecting with us now!


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