Design A Home

Apr 2021

At each workshop, every child's project outcome is different as each child decides who they are designing for and translates their ideas from sketches and 2D plans into a physical model. Some children encountered challenges in the making along the way but persisted and overcame their challenges. At the end of the workshop, they were so proud of their outcome and they also enjoyed the process of learning how to plan and make a model from scratch.

Jul 2021

Children enjoyed designing the homes for themselves or their families. They took time to consider the home users' needs and challenges as they planned and conceived the spaces in both 2D and 3D formats. The children had a lot of fun building up their models and visualizing the room spaces in 3D.

Jul 2021

Children at this workshop are introduced to Design and Architecture concepts and principles through hands-on sketching and model-making.

They are introduced to the Design Thinking process which promotes a solution-based approach in their creations; by focusing on who they are designing for and responding to the user’s needs and challenges.

Children are also introduced to space planning and learn how to draw their ideal floor plan before testing their building forms in 3D. Every project is different and child-led; while we guide each child along to be confident in expressing their ideas and showing them ways to materialize them. The children were amazed by their own creations at the end of each workshop!