Shophouse Architecture

Dec 2021

A peek into Singapore’s history, the 2-day Holiday Camp introduced 7-14 year olds to the history, traditions and lifestyles of Singapore’s Peranakan culture, explored through hands-on activities with focus on art, design and architecture.

Children learnt all things Peranakan through a highly interactive sharing by Peranakan Museum Owner and Collector, Mr Alvin Yapp from The Intan followed by introduction to the Architectural Shophouse typology by DesignTinkers.

Viewed through the lens of Peranakan art, culture and design, children translated their artistic inspirations onto tile painting and purpose built a shophouse model with consideration of the internal spatial configuration befitting their family's lifestyle. Each child re-interpreted the common spaces in the shophouse and customised the courtyard space and design to their liking. It was lots of fun and chatters as the children built on enthusiastically over the two days.

Dec 2021

Day 2, the children returned excitedly to resume their model building. We love their individual designs and collectively they looked fabulous! Great work Children!