Design Tinkers


Please note that registration to “DesignTinkers”, classes, workshops, camps organised by DesignTinkers Pte Ltd, are subject to the conditions below. Non-compliance with these terms may result in the child not having access to the workshop or camp:

Registration and Fees

The registration sign up is confirmed only upon reception of FULL payment, prior to the workshop or camp. 


There will be no makeup classes if a child misses a workshop or camp for any non-medical reason. There will not be replacement nor refund for anyone who is absent due to travel or other personal reasons or in the event of natural disasters or any circumstances that are beyond the control of DesignTinkers Pte Ltd.

Pick Up and Drop Off from Class

DesignTinkers Pte Ltd. responsibility begins only when the child is dropped off to the classroom when a teacher or staff member of DesignTinkers Pte Ltd is present in the room. DesignTinkers Pte Ltd is NOT responsible for students being dropped off outside the building or left unattended anywhere else but the classroom. DesignTinkers Pte Ltd responsibility would disengage once the child has left the workshop or camp.

Workshop and Camp Etiquette

Be punctual, aim to arrive 10 minutes before the session starts to settle in, and to pick up your child on time at the end of each session. We will not dismiss your child to anyone other than their parents, even if the party is a known person to the child, unless DesignTinkers have been informed in advance in writing. Kindly wait outside the classroom and refrain from entering the classroom. 

DesignTinkers Pte Ltd reserves the right to exclude a student whose behaviour towards the teacher or the other students is unacceptable.

The Parent Experience

We understand parents would love to know how their kids are enjoying the session. As part of our efforts to involve parents, facilitators will take the time to update parents on their child’s learning journey at the end of each session.

Health Safety

Children are required to wear a face mask closely and completely over the nose and mouth for the entire duration of the session and face shields will not be allowed.

In the event your child presents any Covid-19 symptoms on any given day of the camp or workshop, we seek your cooperation to see a doctor and keep them home. Children who appear symptomatic to our facilitators on the day of camp or workshop will not be allowed to join the session and to be picked up promptly. We will issue a credit note upon our receipt of a medical certificate, and an alternative arrangement will be made for your child to attend another session suitable for his age and interest, if available, otherwise a full refund will be issued to you. 

Parents/guardians are solely responsible for the safety of your child before and after class. If your child has any medical conditions that may require special attention, please inform us before the start of camp. In the event of any emergency arising from illness or injury, we may bring your child to the nearest clinic/hospital for immediate medical attention. Every effort will be made to notify parents/guardians immediately.

Medical Conditions

In case of need, and in the event that the legal guardians cannot be contacted to give consent, the teacher in charge may authorise the medical examination of the child, the calling of further medical or specialist advice or the removal of the child to hospital, all the expenses thereby incurred to be met by the legal guardians.

The legal guardians/student agree that DesignTinkers Pte Ltd or any person authorised by DesignTinkers Pte Ltd shall not be liable or responsible for any accident or personal injury sustained or suffered by the child, or for any damage to property however caused while the child is participating in any activity connected to workshops or camps by DesignTinkers Pte Ltd.

Photography & Videography

Photographs and/or videos will be taken during camps and workshops for educational, training and marketing purposes. If you do not wish for you or your child to be featured in any educational, training and/or marketing materials, please notify us via email at [email protected], prior to the start of camp or workshop.

Media release

Should a child happen to appear on photographs/video/recording taken by a staff member of DesignTinkers or a 3rd party photography/videography service provider, the legal guardians/student acknowledge that they gives full permission for use and reproduction of these photographs/video/recording.


Upon acceptance of this Terms & Conditions, the student/legal guardians of the student for him(her)self, his(her) heirs, executors or administrators remise, release and forever discharge DesignTinkers Pte Ltd, its teachers, staff members or agents and any other persons authorized by them, from all and any claims, demands, actions or cause of action on account of his death or account of any injury (including injury resulting in death) however caused or sustained by his/her, and for loss of or damage to (however caused) his/her personal belongings suffered at any time during the course of workshop or camp.


The legal guardian agrees to indemnify DesignTinkers Pte Ltd, its management, staff and students and other persons authorized by DesignTinkers Pte Ltd from all claims that the child or legal guardian may have for any damage to property while participating in DesignTinkers Pte Ltd activities (such as workshops and camps) and while using the facility/venue.

DesignTinkers Pte Ltd will inform any changes in schedules via text messages and/or emails.
DesignTinkers Pte Ltd will not be responsible if the students/the guardians do not receive the messages due to technical glitches, problems or if messages are not retrieved on time.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

For cancellations of workshop/camp due to unforeseen COVID restrictions, a full refund will be issued to you. 

Given the limited availability of slots due to the small size of our camps, we do not accept cancellations once booked and full payment made, if there is a change of mind. 

Camp bookings are however transferable to another child of the same age group if your child is unable to attend, if a written request is made 7 days prior to camp or workshop.

DesignTinkers reserves the right to cancel a camp or workshop if minimum camp size sign-ups requirement is not obtained, or when Covid-19 safe management measures cannot be met, you will be notified as soon as possible, typically 5 days before camp start date and a full refund will be issued to you.

Given the nature of a workshop or camp format, we are unable to offer make-up workshop or camp in the event of a no-show or cancellation. Any alternative arrangements that may be offered out of goodwill (e.g. joining a similar camp at a different location/date/time) are strictly subject to availability. No refunds will be given if an alternative arrangement cannot be arranged.

In the event that your child presents any Covid-19 symptoms on any given day of the workshop or camp, we seek your cooperation to see a doctor, keep them home and not attend the workshop or camp. Children who appear to our facilitators to be symptomatic on the day of camp or workshop will not be allowed to join the workshop or camp or be asked to be picked up by you and sent home. We will issue a credit note upon our receipt of a medical certificate, and an alternative arrangement will be made for your child to attend another session suitable for his age and interest if available, otherwise a full refund will be issued to you.